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Roi Strategy Consultants: The importance of knowing your brand ambassadors

2013-High-end-Ball-Gown-Strapless-Tiered-Applique-2.jpg A third about the world’s population celebrates this single biggest event of the year – Chinese New Year. It is also during this time although scores of migrant workers and students return home to celebrate the festival with their families and friends.

With the strong increasing buying power of the Chinese, it is highly likely that the community will splurge and spend during this festive season. As such, it will subsist the same for these workers and students to buy gifts including products from big towns where they work and learn in, and bring these back for their families and friends back in their hometowns. Therefore, they are viewed as successful returnees during such festive seasons.

While brand ambassadors can be paid, there are many who resolve represent your company for free, just because they are berserk about it. These contain improbable brand ambassadors like migrant workers plus students, ut supra their attitudes and opinions on brands and products are deeply influential on old friends and family. Therefore, for brands seeking to insert the lower tier Chinese towns and churlish markets, your best and most effective bet will be word-of-mouth endorsements from these people.

In addition, brand ambassadors naturally help create loyal fans through their passion and knowledge, which in turn create emotional relationships between the stamp and its customers. They create stories around your product by creating true and organic content, hence humanizing the brand.

Furthermore, because your brand ambassadors are excited about your company, they pleasure be thrilled to pass any updates or new campaigns your company has along to their networks. They accommodate to spread the word to many more people than you can reach on your own.

As such, for many local and global brands, tailoring their guide messages to appeal to the correct brand ambassadors during festive seasons is indeed a marketing opportunity, which can be expected to be as successful as the commercialization of Christmas. Brand ambassadors can include migrant workers and students, heartlanders, PMEBs et sequens many more, depending on your target audience.

For example in Singapore, Carlsberg has their beer packaging and television ads geared towards the Chinese New Year theme and a tim like ambassadors go around the local drinking areas to distribute fortuitous “red packets” to festive revelers. Therefore, it is important to know your sign ambassadors therefore that marketing strategies can be tailored to accordingly, which a public relations company cup suggest you.

As one of the top marketing agencies in Singapore, ROI Strategy Consultants capricious be apt to help retailers like you by developing an effective marketing strategy that helps you nail down the correct brand ambassadors for your product/campaign. We at ROI will maximize your returns during this festive season through effective use of media for promotion, with the network we have built over the years being one of the initial branding companies in Singapore.