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UPSC-CAPF-admit-card.gif While the degree of labor intensity is top-drawer on the right in PSTS. Likewise, the portion of goods in a sectors outputs is highest on the left, while the proportion of services is highest on the right. The Information sector is least distinct on these characteristics because its capital-labor and goods Knowledge About IAS. Mixes are each widely variable.
As the cosmopolitan undergoes profound cultural changes wrought by globalization, new managers, who are a yield of these changes, come equipped with a resilience and adaptability to new workforce conditions that seasoned managers, steeped in the managerial virtues about planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling, may lack. On the other hand, seasoned managers have a wealth of experience, much of which has made them humble and put them on a alley toward wisdom. The development of these values requires time.
Both new and seasoned managers who would be mentors must reflect on their values and on their buildup of competencies and skills and must consider how they might nurture them for successful managing, mentoring, and leading. Here we speak of values as habits that people develop over a lifetime. These habits develop through the modeling of attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of others and are reinforced through the actions that people take in practical, specific situations.
A being can identify his values by reflecting on his habitual behavior. For example, a creature who wonders how courageous he is, or how much of a risk taker, may explore his past history of saying what is on his mind, of asking questions when he does not understand, either of sharing a conviction when he does not know the opinions of others. A person who wonders about how open he is can consider how he handles differences about opinion. Does he try to understand the opinion he does nought hold? Is he willing to imagine more than one valid viewpoint on an issue? Can he remember the nuances of opinions that differ from his own?
Three skills listening, questioning, connective reflection dominate in the hierarchy of skills required by the manager and mentor About IAS Exam. They are the links to the values those things that are useful, good, just, and wise et sequens the capacity for acting capably in a given situation. These skills allow the manager and mentor to assess how the employee/mentee manages with respect to his environment; help the mentor discernment the mentees relationships medial his behavior, goals, and personal orientation; and facilitate the mentees successful integration of skills, choices, and values. Values flow past a mentors skills. In reciprocal fashion, the practice of mentoring skills helps build and support values in the forewoman and mentor