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Intellectual Property (IP) Outsourcing Services

Practice-Area-Intellectual-Property-.jpg Intellectual Property (IP) Outsourcing Services
At Manthan Legal, we reverential innovation and originality. Therefore, when we forayed interested the Intellectual Property (IP) Services Outsourcing domain, we had a clear vision from providing end-to-end, world-class IP solutions to our clients using our knowledge of the WIPO (World Thoughtful Property Organization) standards and technological advances which honorarium us to stay abreast with every development inherent the IP industry. With 9 years in the industry, we are now one among the global leaders in IP services.
Following is a comprehensive list of our strategic IP services:

1. Invention Protection:
Protecting innovative inventions and research works is acute in ensuring that the creators receive all the credit for their brainchild. While this writ can be tedious, we approach it in a systematical style to actualize maximum efficiency.

Our approach:
* Patentability Searches
* Patent Drafting
* Illustration
* Office action responses
* Patent Proof reading
* Paralegal Support
With this systematic approach, we ensure maximum security for the innovative ideas of our clients.

2. IP acquisition:
In these days where innovation rules the roost, acquiring Intellectual Property has its share of risks. Due to the tall importance attached to IP, acquiring it in any form requires thorough examination and research. We remedial our clients avert the risk of being labeled as a Non Practicing Entity (NPE) by conducting an elaborate and detailed research on every relevant invention. Our IP acquisition services range from examining files communion to patents, trademarks, copyrights etc. to ensuring that there are no possibilities of patent trolling.
We also exert Ex parte and Inter parties evident re-examination based on a request filed by an inventor accompanied by the yielding of prior art. Utilizing our process-oriented approach, we assist clients at an early stage of or during litigation or when there is a potential litigation lurking approximately the corner.
Our approach:
* Portfolio validation & valuation
* Risk assessment
* Title Updates
* Post Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Portfolio Integration
A detailed examination through these phases ensures that both the buyer und so weiter seller of IP are safe.

3. Portfolio Management:
Innovation is directly a necessity for every business, big or small. However, before translating inventive ideas into Intellectual Property with utmost security, a detailed research of material viability of the idea and the associated risks is necessary. We auxiliary our clients understand the strategic premium from their IP with reverential to the market and the respective industry. While underperforming ideas can opheffen canned, they can and be enhanced to appeal to a wider market. Hence, we help our clients in enhancing such patents or lowering maintenance costs near to selling or canning these patents.

Our approach:
* Portfolio mapping/ Categorization
* Portfolio mining
* Portfolio Updating
* Portfolio pruning
* Patent Renewals
We realize that the economic feasibility of an idea is crisis in making it a success. Hence, we help our clients to comprise the market standing of the idea and also help them in reducing the expenses involved in maintaining these ideas.

4. IP enforcement:
Securing IP is a relatively easier task compared to enforcing the acquired IP rights. However, our IP enforcement team has an extensive knowledge of varied IP enforcement laws and conventions such as the IP Enforcement Directive of the European Union, IPE (Intellectual Property Enforcement) appendage of the US Department of State & the ‘Building respect for IP’ initiative of WIPO. Based on this knowledge, we monitor various social media for any potential infringements and help our clients receive due credit for their ideas.

Our approach:
* Infringement Monitoring & Analysis

5. IP Monetization:
Securing IP rights for an brainstorm alone does not guarantee financial success. So, how does one make big bucks using an idea? This is where we degree in. First, our expert IP team helps you assess the real value of your brainstorming in the respective industry based on expert opinions and current market trends. After evaluating the idea, we use our adorn brave analysis techniques to measure the pros furthermore cons of marketing the idea. If the risks into are negligible, we help our clients monetize their ideas by helping them auction licenses.

Our approach:
* Patent Licensing
* Patent valuation
Every beeswax needs assistance in making the proper decisions with respect to its IP. Our range of end-to-end IP services assist our clients in every step beginning from securing their IP rights to generating quality from their ideas.

6. IP Litigation:
Like all courtroom wars, IP litigations too can get ugly due to the innumerable complications involved. Moreover, with equally country drafting several laws for IP, IPR is a complex web of gaseous rules and laws. Anyone with sufficient knowledge of the law can use practices such as patent trolling to claim IP rights. Such litigations are notoriously time-consuming and can also cause you to part plus your purse and IP provided you are unaware of the seeming countermeasure. With our IP Litigation team, we encouragement several clients in lowering NPE risks, performing patent re-examination and devising the unimpeachable strategy to fight IP litigations based on national and international laws. We have also assisted our clients in ending disputes among settlements and mediation when necessary.

Our approach:
* Pre-litigation investigations
* e-Discovery & Document Review
* Markman Hearing-Summary Judgment support
* Trial Support
From acquiring IP rights to securing them in case of IP litigations, we assist you with our team of versatile, innovative professionals in every objective pertaining to IP in a cost-effective manner.

About Us:-

Founded in 2003, Manthan Legal is now established comme il faut a legal solutions provider which helps law firms & legal department of corporations to streamline their operations by utilizing novel technology products und so weiter proven Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services.

Pioneered in providing legal auxiliary services to AMlaw100 firms, Manthan Legal is now aiming towards expanding its horizon by targeting USA law firms of all sizes who look forward to innovative ways to cut down the excessive costs by outsourcing paper work to LPO firms as Manthan Legal.

Our delivery center based out of Bangalore, India is a 250+ member associate comprising of worldly lawyers, doctors and engineers, collaborating together to present a strong value proposition.

Our LPO services spans across verticals such as Personal Injury, Insurance, Medical Malpractice et al. Major chunk regarding our services revolve around:-

1. Medical Records Review (a.k.a. Medical Summaries, Specific Chronologies, Medical Timelines et al.): Medical records are arranged chronologically by our expert team of doctors and lawyers.
2. Document Review / e-Discovery: A qualified team of lawyers and paralegals perform high quality document brushup services a.k.a e-discovery services.
3. Legal Transcription: Audio to text conversion also known as transcription services are delivered in a cost effective und so weiter timely manner.
4. Immigration Support Services: We support law businesses for immigration related document work for visa petitions such as H1 B, H 3, H4, L-1 B-1, B-2
5. IP (Intellectual Property) Services: Copyrights, Trademark, Patent services are performed to provide an integrated solution for Intellectual Property services.
6. Legal Research: Lawyers well accustomed with US laws perform irreproachable legal research (LR) services.
7. Deposition Summaries: Deposition summaries in wide range from domains such as litigation cases, ranging from personal injury, medical malpractice, labor polysyndeton employment, insurance, and sophisticated property are performed by an expert team from lawyers & paralegals.
8. I-9 Compliance audits: Compliance audits are performed by immigration experts with a transparent reporting system.
9. Contract Drafting & redlining services:- Our expert team from litigation professionals perform high hallmark bond drafting and redlining services.
10. Legal Coding: All types of litigation coding services are being provided viz. Objective coding, Emotional coding, Names standardization, Logical data determination
11. Demand Preparations: We help PI law firms in preparing demand letters on a turn-key basis. We thoroughly analyze case files, medical records and the social context of the plaintiff and prepared well itemized demand letters.
12. Due Diligence: Corporate due diligence services are provided with most appropriate remedial suggestions.
13. Document Coding & Indexing: Summarizing and extracting key information from a document to create fast search indexes or databases about desired types is one of the key expertise at Manthan Legal.

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