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The efficacy of aloe

In Egypt, aloe vera is known as the “immortality plant”. Traditionally, taken orally for catharsis, external application is used to treat wounds. Later, people have found a variety of other effects. In the current market, beauty, skin care, detoxification, anti-tumor, anti-aging is its really selling point.
In fact, there are plurality studies on aloe vera, especially in the aspect of catharsis and cure wounded. Aloe Vera has some physic ingredients, so the ancients laxative pragmatic has been supported by modernistic medicine. In the United States, aloe vera extract has been used for constipation for many years. Later, people found this laxative effect has adaptability – that is, with a long time, the required dose to produce laxative effect arbitrary be gradually increased.
The concerns about aloe product touchback make the researchers conducted a two-year animal carcinogenicity experiment. It was found that without decolorization aloe vera gut on rats has obvious carcinogenic effect. But it is not found in mice. While others aloe products getting from other treatment process is no researched. Based on such an experiment, of course, it is impossible to speculate whether it has carcinogenic effect to human, but the resolution itself is sufficient to arouse people’s attention, it is desideratum to carry out further research.
Aloe vera extract is divided into two kinds, one is those transparent gel inside the aloe leaf, assist is yellow latex under the leaves skin. Latex is shopworn for catharsis, while the gel is used for painting. There are some products are simply extracted, so they are containing both the gel and latex.
There are approximately small-scale experiments showed that the gel smears break is good for wound healing. Some compositions in the gel seem to be able to promote blood circulation in small blood vessels and have sterilization effect. This is providing a “modern evidence” for “traditional experience”. However, scientists’ opinions are refusal uniform, that’s a little hasty to get a conclusions. And there is a study showing that it not only did denial help sore healing, but also delay the healing. It is difficult to justiciable the reliability of the study, but makes the efficacy of this confusing is reliability. To figure exterior this role, it needs more rigorous experiments.

For this type of product, it should treffen noted that although Aloe Vera is a natural plant, but we can negative guarantee its security. In addition to the carcinogenicity of earlier experiments, the possible security risks of oral aloe products are still more. First, the latex can be relaxing the bowel, naturally can produce abdominal pain and diarrhea. Different with insoluble dietary fiber laxative mechanisms, the evacuant effect of aloe latex is achieved by stimulating bowel, this stimulation causes intestinal cells of potassium loss. If long-term use aloe latex, it may cause kidney damage, hematuria, hypokalemia and muscle weakness and other symptoms.
In addition, diabetes, kidney disease, intestinal disease and hemorrhoids people should avoid oral aloe vera products. It is not necessarily to have what kind regarding effect, but may affect drug action or make symptoms worse. If you can not remember so much, then the simple answer is that: the risk of verbal aloe products is exceeded the benefits.
However, according to cosmetic raw material suppliers, topical aloe products are basically safe. Therefore, those beauty, skin care, wound treatment topical aloe products are not hazardous to health. For example, there are some studies have shown that demos with psoriasis smear lotion containing aloe vera extract, four weeks after the symptoms have abated.