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Kleritec Inc. Product Development Process

Product development is the evolution by which a product is brought to market. A product is any tangible or intangible benefit that reaches the end consumer. Product development is considered the first step in the product life cycle that businesses use to gain store share. Understand below to discover the most important steps in the produk development process.

Idea Generation

Ideas can be generated in a variety like different ways. Normally, companies look for gaps in the boutique and try to fill a need. This is based on consumer trends, competitors’ products including a wide variety of other data. Lots of ideas are generated, but not all of them are used. It is important for firms to come up with as umpteen ideas as possible for the next phase of effect development.

Idea Screening

The idea screening phase allows researchers to weed out unsound ideas. Screeners often do extensive exchange examination to get an slant of the target end user’s opinion. They must also bring to light the answers to a variety of different questions about their target market, such as whether growth is projected and if it is even financially possible for the firm to produce the product.

Concept Development

During the concept situation phase regarding the process, companies must find out how consumers will react to the proposed product, how much production will cost and who their target market is. It is also important to do extensive research via apparent databases to see protasis their idea is unique. A unique product helps organizations avoid legal issues and ensures that they market is not saturated.

Business Analysis

This phase involves estimating the profitability of a yield based on an estimated sale price. The sale price is reached by sizable market probe of the target market.

Beta Testing with the Target Market

During this part of the product development process, a mock-up of the proposed product is produced and focus groups are asked for their opinions. After analyzing the info gathered during market research, adjustments are made before the product reaches the market. Initial runs can be produced to sell in limited test markets during this stage spil well.


The final phase is commercialization. This part of the process involves launching and distributing the product opposite all markets. Firms produce advertisements and other promotions to secure the word out to the consumer and continue to gather important feedback.