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Award-Winning Customer Service Tip: How to Retain Customers

Everyone practical owners constantly aim to acquire more untested customers. Nevertheless, sometimes many of them forget that maintaining current customers is just as important as gaining new ones. In fact, studies show that recruiting a new client costs 6x more than maintaining an existing client. Here are ten tips on how to retain customers:
1. Secure all your frontline staffs are expert in making a good first impression, which are created within the first few seconds. Cliché but true, first impressions last. You’ll never go around back those crucial first opinions back you screw them. And if it’s at all possible, it will be doubly hard to make a warm, hospitable impression the second time around. So make it count.

2. Appreciate your consumers whenever possible. Gratitude goes a long way in each business. Just by thanking customers sincerely ampersand thoughtfully shows them you care and value their support. Giving thank you notes and complimentary items/services work well, too.
3. Go over your correspondences (emails/snail mails) to cause certain they are personalised, friendly yet professional and make your customers feel essential and treasured.

4. Establish an environment and culture wherein your entourage are treated more like category members than just conspicuous employees. As a result, they will treat and care for your customers in a similar way. Besides, consumers admire (and would want to continue doing business with) companies that appreciate their personnel.

5. Answer not only customers’ direct enquiries but offer also other extra handy and or interesting instruction whenever applicable. Customers often don’t mind learning about a unexplored product/service that you believe would be beneficial for them. Just don’t sound overly promotional when doing so.

6. Realise that the main foundation of customer service is cooperative people. As such, ensure that every frontline employee has some kind of background in assisting people. This will more or less assure an amazing customer service experience.

7. This gesture is so unaffected to do yet many fail at it: Don’t forget to greet and smile. Friendly “Hellos” and “How are you” can go a long way in providing a customer a wonderful passion of “Wow, this enterprise is really nice and happy to see me!”

8. Create an easy, hassle-free return policy. Doing so velleity make current consumers feel confident and comfortable about sending back an item if they’re not satisfied/happy with it. Many customers hate returning products, therefore make it a simple and non-defensive procedure. Consumers will love you more for it.

9. Listen well to a customer’s seemingly trivial remarks like, “It’s my first time to use your online service,” “I recently moved into the area,” “I just stumbled upon your site,” (and the likes) and consider those opportunities to build rapport with the customer.

10. Remember to always thank your customer service staff and offer them incentives suitably. If in doubt, check out #4.

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs come up with promotions targeted towards attracting new customers, which is great, but they also have to regularly acknowledge and or better yet reward your long-time customers. Hopefully, these customer liturgy tips above would help you contain your current customers and keep them loyal without end.