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Marketing Strategy For Beginning Copywriters

Go to almost any retail shop today, and you’ll find the bargain bin. It’s that large box or canasta (the bin part) near the front of the store that’s torrential of stuff that’s ridiculously low priced (the struggle part). And while some people pick at it, looking for something they might someday, possibly, perhaps, conceivable use, the products in the bin aren’t exactly volitant out of the store, despite the low price. Why not? Because people premise that it’s low quality. It’s not even condign that lowly price. Why? Because it’s in the bargain bin.
As with any career, starting out as a freelance copywriter can be tough, and there seems to be as many opinions about how to “break in” to writing as there are writers. Recently, I read an article by a business writer touting that the best way to get in to the industry is through rock-bottom prices. I had to go flinch and re-read this sentence a accessorial and even a third time. Surely, he had meant, “Don’t charge rock-bottom prices.” But there it was: Get work by charging low fees. Basically, he was saying: Put yourself in the bargain bin.
Certainly, if you check any number of publication websites, you’ll see that this is a popular strategy. I recently read on Craigslist where someone was willing to pay ascend to $8/hour for a office letter. Still just because it’s a popular strategy, doesn’t signify it’s a good one. By setting your fees at rock-bottom prices, you are establishing yourself because a bargain container writer, a mold which cup leave a bad impression et alii be difficult to break out of. Plus, there will always indiging someone cheaper than you.
First, by setting your prices too low, you can leave a bad impression with serious clients. Imagine you need to become a tooth pulled. One dentist offers to pull your tooth for $25. Another says that he charges $400. While I don’t exactly apprehend the market cost for tooth-pulling, I ken that $25 sounds ridiculously low, and I’m immediately going to start wondering why that dentist’s price is so low. In my mind, I’ve already started to think that the $25 dentist must not be very proficient. I’m going to trust my pearly whites somewhere else.
When you price yourself at below average rates, you are doing the congenerous thing. Hired clients expect to income professional fees. If your fees are besides low, clients will automatically endue that your skills are below average. Granting you are charging adept fees, exactly it’s your first job, the client will infancy to think, “That sounds about right. He must prepare nobility if he’s able to get work at that price.” You are establishing yourself as a professional in the client’s mind.

Secondly, once you have established yourself as a bargain bin writer, it can be hard to break out of that image in the client’s mind. Even if you reveal the patient that this is a special, one time only deal. Et Alii impartial supposing he agrees profusely, he now knows that you can raken had at the lower rate. In all future negotiations, he jug use this as leverage to get products from you priced at the lower end of the pay scale. You’ve now “broken-in” and established a client, but, in the long run, what good is a patient who doesn’t want to pay you what you’re worth? Plus, I’ve found that many clients shopping for bargain writers aren’t serious, or, that they must come with other factors that might end up costing you even more. For example, they might indigen feeling the pressure from working intrinsic a tiny budget et sequens feel that this is their make-or-break piece. This could manifest itself in never-ending revisions or a constant feeling of disappointment in your work, nay matter how great it is. Clients looking for writers on the cheap are often hoping to get remarkable increased than what they’re paying for.
Finally, whenever the bulk of your marketing strategy is based on being cheaper than the other guy/girl, before you should know that there are others who are using the same strategy, and many who will be willing to travel lower than you. Sites like ELance substitute Craigslist cause this painfully obvious. That’s not to condemn those sites, but remarkable of the fiercest competition comes from writers at the bottom of the pay scale.
Getting started in quantity new profession is tough, and it receptacle be tempting to assessment yourself lower than the competition to get work. Nonetheless don’t do it. It creates a bad image, can be tough to change the client’s picture of you, and you can always be undersold. Sure, you’re probably not going to be able to start out at $200/hour, but price yourself at what you’re worth. You don’t want to be stuck in a writer bargain bing